BVE London 2017 – A reflective commentary

1st and 2nd March 2017

I attended BVE on the second (1st March 2017) and third day (2nd March 2017) of the expo. If you didn’t already know, BVE stands for Broadcast and Video Expo and is one of the major yearly media and tech events in London with over 330+ exhibitors across many sectors. The expo provides an opportunity for professionals to come along and engage with the latest tech. Whether you are an exhibitor looking to showcase your newest product or a filmmaker interested in investing a new camera, BVE has it all. However, as a student I felt a myriad of emotions, namely confusion and awe as I wandered around the many exciting stalls with a dumbfounded expression plastered on my face while trying my best not to appear too awkward and out of place. This is because despite it being a fascinating tech event, as students it can be very difficult to comprehend all the vast professional equipment and tech, especially since the majority of the equipment were very advanced and (certainly) not within our budget. Therefore, the event is specifically targeted for professionals working in the field of media and technology. Although, saying that, the many talks and seminars on offer during the event were more universal in terms of subject matter and approach and were therefore more relevant to both students and professionals.

Image used courtesy of BroadcastNow. Copyright © 2017

One of the seminars I attended included a panel discussing the effect of Brexit on the UK film industry. Speakers mainly spoke about the effect of Brexit on production funding but also discussed new opportunities as a result of the aftermath of Brexit. The next seminar I attended was about 360 video and the many different ways we could utilise it in our workflow. Prominent speaker Peter Collis, Head of 360/3D Film Production led the discussion and first began by distinguishing between 360 video and VR and later spoke about different ways to edit and use the content, drawing on various tools and techniques to ensure this.

If I had more time (and I could somehow beat the queues!) I would have been interested in attending the many VR seminars as this is one of my main interests when it comes to technology. The Sky VR demo would have been a fantastic experience and one in which I unfortunately missed out on. My least favourite part of the expo was definitely the queues! But one cannot complain too much since it was a free event accessible to any individual as long as they registered for their ticket online. Next time? definitely arrive in advance and refer to the BVE schedule so you register your interest for as many of the seminars as you can without having to wander around and miss out on the fantastic opportunities on offer.


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